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Table dimensions

Linen sizes for round tables

It’s always better to know the size of your tables when organizing linens for them. You definitely don’t want your linen to be too short or too long, so call us at 319-378-9808 for more information or if you have any other queries.

  • Take the diameter of the table (30”, 36”, etc.)

  • Decide how much of a drop you would like.

  • Multiply the amount of drop desired by two, and add that to the diameter of the table.


For example:

If you have a 30" round table and would like a tablecloth with a 20" drop.


Diameter of the table

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from Chicago.

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Amount of drop times two

20" x 2 = 40"

+ 40"

Table cloth size to be ordered


Linen sizing tips

Table size          


Tablecloth size

72” round

To the floor

132” round

60” round

To the floor

120” round

48” round

To the floor

108” round

36” round

To the floor

96” round

30” round

To the floor

90” round

6’ banquet table

To the floor

90” x 132” oblong

8’ banquet table

To the floor

90” x 156” oblong

CTA Sgnal Tables and chairs settings outdoors