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Marlas Linens

Linens for all occasions

White and pink table and chair settings.

Special orders

Order your linen three business days prior to any event. In case you want to cancel the order, please do so three business days before your event. However, if you don’t cancel it three days in advance, you will have to take responsibility for the cancellation. Please read carefully through our linen agreement before renting any linen from Marlas Linens.

When you have special orders, please place them 10 days prior to the event. And please note that no changes or cancellations can be made after this point. Upon cancellation, payment will not be refunded.

Damaged or lost linens

All linens have a replacement value; if any linen is lost or returned torn, burnt, or soiled beyond cleaning, the replacement value will be charged in addition to the rental charges.


Please DO NOT place any linen in plastic covers as it can cause mildew and the stains cannot be cleaned. And also, be careful of candle wax since it’ll permanently damage most linen.

Late returns

As for late returns, a return date is listed on each invoice, if it’s returned after the specified day, a 50% charge will be assessed for every day thereafter.


All prices are subject to change without notice. Please call us at

319-560-8636 for more information or if you have any queries regarding our linen agreement,

With more than 15 years of experience, you can always count on us for

exceptional service.


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